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Tableau is a content type used only on the Graduate School site.

Majors & Minors

Majors & Minors is content type used only on the Artsci site. 

Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements is a content type used only on the University College site.

These can be included on program pages. 

Image Card

This content type goes by many names. On Department sites, we named it "Image Card," On University College, it is called "Programs," and on Artsci and Graduate School, it is called "Departments & Academics."


Books display in 2 locations:

  1. Above the footer on a Person page that has the "Long" format chosen (usually for faculty) when that person is tagged on the Book page. If multiple books are tagged with the same person, the books will display in a rotating slideshow.
  2. In the Faculty Bookshelf, which is an optional section on a multipurpose page. Not every site will use this feature as it requires a minimum number of books (around 6, depending on cover image sizes used) and not all departments have that many.


The Search Field

On many types of content, there is a "Search" field available. Adding a word to this field will affect the internal site search results.

How to add a Map on an Event

To create a map, enter an address in the geolocation field. For campus buildings, use the addresses listed below and it will place the pin in that location.