Form Components (Field Types)

Commonly Used Components

Textfield - A one-line box for unformatted (no bold/italics) text. (e.g. Name)

Textarea - A multiple-line box for text with no character limit. (e.g. Comments)

E-mail – Valid email address format. If you want to send your submitters a copy of the form submission, it’s best to use an actual email field versus a textfield.

Markup – This is for entering a description at the beginning of a form page or mid-way through a form. 

Select options – These are for drop downs, radio buttons, and checkboxes – anything where you need to give the user a set list of choices. The interface for configuring select option fields is substantially improved in Drupal 7.

  • If you don’t configure the select field at all, it will display as a radio button field. (User can only select one option.)
  • If you check ‘Multiple’, the select field will be displayed as a list of checkboxes. (User can select multiple options.) Note – if you want a single checkbox, you still need to select multiple – just only provide one option.
  • If you do not check ‘Multiple’ and instead check ‘Listbox’, you will get a dropdown. (User can only select one option.)

Number (new!) - Only allows numeric values and can be displayed as a textfield or select list. You can specify a valid range.

Form Components You Will Probably Rarely Use

Date and Time – self-explanatory (submission date is collected automatically)

Grid - Provide multiple questions that the user can rate on a given scale such as 1-5 or "bad, OK, good" Displayed as rows in a table.

Hidden - A field that is not displayed to the submitter with data you want to collect that can be automatically generated.  Note: This is probably something you will never need to use.

File – Only enabled on specific sites. It is extremely important for the security of our shared server that if you use a file field that you limit allowed file types to only images, PDFs, and Word documents. You should also limit file size. This is configured on a per-field basis which is why we don’t enable it on all sites. Uploaded webform files are public. They can be accessed directly at the file URL if someone knows it, so you should not be accepting files containing sensitive information. If you have a form that accepts files, make sure to periodically clear your old form results to remove those files, especially if those files contain student work. (Results->Clear)