Menu Management

Adding content to the menu

To add content to the menu, scroll to the bottom of the edit form and check "Provide a menu link" under the menu settings tab at the bottom of the edit form. This will expose additional fields related to menu settings. 

The 'Menu link title' field in the menu settings is the text that will display in the menu. By default, Drupal will use the title displayed on the full page, but you can use a shorter version in the menu.

The 'Parent item' selection box shows what the parent link for this item will be. If this page will be a top-level menu link, the Parent item should be '<main menu>' Note: the main menu will not display the sub-menu items unless the instructions below are followed.

Displaying sub-menu items

  1. Click on "Main menu" in the shortcut bar
  2. To the right of the parent item, click "edit"
  3. Select the checkbox to "Show as expanded"

Reordering the menu

  1. Click on "Main menu" in the shortcut bar
  2. Once on the menu administration screen, click and drag the cross hair icons to rearrange menu items. (See picture below.)
  3. Once you've finished rearranging the menu, make sure to click the save button at the bottom.