Organizing your Webform

There are two main ways to group fields:

  • Fieldsets – groups related fields within a page. In newer sites, fieldsets are themed with a thin border. They can also be collapsible, a nice way to make a really long form less daunting. You can add descriptive text at the top of each fieldset. Note: to actually place fields within a fieldset, you need to drag fields ‘under’ the fieldset component – similar to moving menu items under a ‘parent’ item in the menu administration.
  • Pagebreaks – allows for multi-page forms.  (Note: if you are allowing file upload – only enabled on certain sites – file fields must be on the last page of a multi-page form.) The description at the top of the page will continue to be displayed on each page of the form.

Both of these are added as form components despite not really being form fields. One way of thinking about these is that fieldsets ‘hold’ collections of fields and pagebreaks are the submit buttons at the bottom of each page in a multi-page form.