Person Content - Long v. Short


Choosing "Long" or "Short" on a Person profile will change which fields display to site visitors. The "Long" version was designed for faculty and offers options such as Endowed title, publications, and courses, among other things. The "Short" version was designed to use for staff, but some staff may have publications or teach courses, and in those instances, it's fine to use the "long" version.

In the Graduate School website only, every person, regardless of who they are, has to be marked as “staff” in order to show up on front end.

What are the exact field differences when choosing long v. short on a “person?”

Fields available for “Short:

  1. Title
  2. Type
  3. Content Type
  4. Headshot
  5. First Name
  6. Last Name
  7. Deans Title
  8. Titles
  9. Additional Titles
  10. Email Address
  11. Phone number
  12. Fax number
  13. Office Hours
  14. Office Direcitons URL
  15. Mailing Address
  16. Building Name and Room Number
  17. Biography
  18. Social Media Links
  19. Department Center, or Program (taxonomy)
    1. ​In the gateway sites only, this field associates a person with a department so that the department image appears in the lower right corner of the person's profile. The image "lives" on the "Departments and Academics" card for that department and can be updated within the card (not within the person content).
  20. Type of Person (Taxonomy)
  21. External Profile Link 
  22. Search
  23. Areas of Study

Additional Fields available in “Long:”

  1. Endowed Professorship
  2. Education
  3. CV
  4. Links
  5. Interests
  6. Intro Text (below Building name and room number)
  7. Course Samples
  8. Additional Description