Person Shared Content

Taxonomy (aka categories or tags) are unique to each site. Any peice of imported content can be tagged according to the receiving site's taxonomies and does not carry with it the sharing site's taxonomies.

Some other fields in the Person content type are slightly different from site to site. Here are some lists to help understand what is unique in each site

Unique fields in University College

  • Office/Department Name 
  • Mailbox (in place of Mailing Address)

Unique fields in Arts & Sciences

  • Intro Text

Things that DON’T get carried over from UC to ArtSci (because they are not used):

  • Office/department name
  • Mailbox

Things that DO get carried over from UC to ArtSci / ArtSci to UC:

-       Building Name and Room Number (this does not work for UC to ArtSci at the moment, so we will need to address)

-       Social media links (this works from UC to ArtSci, but need to address ArtSci to UC still)