Private Fields

Want to collect submissions and then add additional administrator-only data as well? (Status, review, etc.) Each form component is public (visible to anyone who can submit the form) by default, but there is a checkbox for marking a component "Private". (See image below)

When the private checkbox is checked, only users who can view the form results will see the form field. One example use would be to track the status of an application. Example steps:

  1. Create application form with all public-facing form components (name, e-mail, etc).
  2. Add a select option field for application status. Options could be something like "Pending", "Accepted", and "Rejected". Make sure to set the field as required with "Pending" as the default.
  3. Mark the field as private.
  4. Visitors filling out the form would not see the status field, and when the form was submitted, the field would be blank.
  5. An administrator with result access could log in, review the submissions, and update/edit each submission to mark them as accepted or rejected.