Resources are a way to create organized, browsable links to other content, which can be a page in your site or on another website. A Resource can display on the Resources Landing Page and/or on a multipurpose page, with a graphic icon representing the information available. 

To make a Resource:

  1. Choose an internal title that will help you (and anyone else who edits in your website) to understand what content is represented in the card. Most of the time, this title can match the display title.
  2. Click "Browse" to choose an icon from the icons folder in your media library. Whenever possible, try to match the icons used on to be consistent.
  3. Enter the title that you want to display at the top of the card.
  4. Enter a subtitle
  5. Enter a URL.
  6. If the URL is pointing to an external website (not a page in your site), check the "New Window" box. This will cause the page to open in a new window, which is a best practice for website navigation that takes a visitor out of the current website.
  7. If applicable, choose a category for the resource.
  8. Save