Spam Discouragement

Un-publish or CLOSE When No Longer Needed: The longer a form is public, the more likely it is that spammers will find it. So if the form is just a temporary survey (even if you might re-use it later) and the survey period is over, it's a good idea to un-publish it. You can always republish it at a later date for a new (or the same) survey. Alternatively you can close the form to prevent further submissions. This is also a good usability to make it clear to your visitors that you are no longer collecting RSVPs or survey results.

To close a webform and prevent further submissions, click the Webform tab, then “Form settings,” set the status of the form to “closed” and click “Save configuration.”

Do NOT delete form components to prevent further submissions. When you delete a form component, all submissions in that form field are also removed.