User Roles

Roles can be combined so for instance, a Site Staff can also be a Media Manager and would have the combined values of both roles.

Anonymous User: Someone viewing the site who is not logged in.

Authenticated User: Any user who is logged in. All users have this role by default.

Editor: This role may...

  • Edit or Delete any content where they are assigned as the author
  • Skip Comment Approval
  • Edit Own Comments
  • Edit Metatags
  • View Revisions
  • Revert to Revisions
  • Create new Events

Intern: This role may...

  • Edit Own Comments
  • Edit any Audio Files
  • Edit Metatags
  • Create new/Edit own Articles
  • Create/ Edit any Book, Event, Person
  • Delete own Book, Event, Person
  • Use Media Browser

Media Manager: This role may...

  • Administer Files
  • Use Media Browser
  • Media Builk Upload

Web Forms: This role may...

  • Create/Edit any Webforms
  • Access all Webform results
  • Edit all Webform submissions

URL Path Manager: This role may...

  • Create Redirect
  • Create Custom URL Aliases

Grad Center Staff

  • View and Post comments, Skip comment approval, and Edit own Comments
  • Upload/Edit/View/Download any Files
  • Delete own Files
  • Use Media Browser
  • Edit Meta Tags
  • View/Revert to/ Delete Revisions
  • Create/Edit own/Delete own Articles, Person, FAQ, Multipurpose, Testimonial
  • Create/Edit any/Delete own Events, Basic Page
  • Create/Edit any/Delete any Liberman Center
  • Create/Edit any/Delete any Webforms
  • Access/Edit/Delete Webform submissions
  • Clone own Content

Site Staff: This role may...

  • Create/Edit/Delete any content
  • Publish/unpublish any content
  • Promote/un-promote to/from home page
  • Administer Comments and Comment settings
  • Skip Comment approval
  • Edit/Delete/Download any Files
  • Use Media Browser
  • Media Builk Upload 
  • Administer Menus and Menu items
  • Edit Metatags
  • Change the author of content
  • View/Revert to/ Delete Revisions
  • Create/Edit/Delete Webforms
  • Clone any content
  • Create/Edit URL Aliases
  • View Site Reports
  • View User Profiles
  • Access/Edit/Delete Webform submissions

Computing Staff: This role may do all of the above plus...

  • Administer Blocks
  • Administer Metatags
  • Admnister URL Aliases
  • Use the site in Maintenance Mode
  • Administer Taxonomies
  • Administer Users