Language Study

If attaining fluency in another language is one of your academic goals or if you dream of studying abroad, beginning language study early in your college career is critical.

Arts & Sciences has more than 15 language departments, all of which can be found in Course Listings, with the exception of Swahili, which is listed under the African and African-American Studies department.  

If you want to continue studying a language that you have already begun to learn, you will be required to take a placement exam.  Some placement exams are online (see step two), and others will need to be taken during Orientation.  If you are studying one of these languages, you will need to make an educated guess about your placement level and should consult your advisor accordingly.

NOTE:  Some languages -- for example Arabic, Hindi, and Japanese -- do not offer every level every semester.  If you want to study one of these less commonly taught languages, it is particularly important that you get started in your first year.