Pre-Health Students & Biology Majors

Students who are interested in pursuing pre-health studies (such as pre-medicine, pre-veterinary, or pre-physical therapy) or who are interested in majoring in biology often begin their college careers with a particular slate of courses.

Most such students typically begin with your level of calculus (see step two) as well as General Chemistry 111A and General Chemistry Lab 151.  Taking all three of these courses in the Fall, however, may prevent you from pursuing other interests, in which case you may want to talk with your advisor about whether you might postpone calculus until another semester or even the summer.

A note about calculus:  Pre-health professions students and prospective biology majors require through Calculus II (L24 132).  AP credit for Calculus I and II will satisfy most medical schools.  Prospective chemistry majors, including biochemistry majors, require through Calculus III (L24 233), and prospective physics majors (and, of course, math majors) require at least through Differential Equations (which comes after Calculus III).

A note about chemistry:  Our General Chemistry sequence is a physical chemistry sequence.  If you didn't take physics in either your junior or senior year of high school, it may be best to begin your science studies with physics and delay chemistry until you have successfully completed the introductory physics sequence.  It's important to know, however, that doing so will prevent you from beginning biology until the sophomore year.