Step 5: Registering

Before you can actually register for Fall classes, you need to be authorized by your four-year advisor.  If you've read and completed steps one through four, you're just about ready to go.  Here are the final steps you'll need to take to gain authorization.

We want to hear from you!  You don't have to wait until you get your worksheet built to contact your advisor.  So if at any point in the process you have questions or concerns, need an opinion, or want to discuss options, just call.  You can also contact the front desk.  See Contacts.
  • Build a Registration Worksheet.  Your worksheet should definitely include four or five first choices, and you will want to include three or four second choices as well.

  • Use that "Comments" field.  This is a great way to communicate to your advisor  your thoughts about a particular course since your advisor will be able to read your worksheet.  For example, you may want to write "possible major" for, say, your introductory course in microeconomics.  Alternatively, if you are wavering between two courses (particularly if they meet at the same time!), you might write "either micro or macro, not both" in each of those course's comments field.

  • Pay attention to how many seats are left in a class.  Remember that upper-classmen registered in April, and so some classes are full and will need to be taken in a different semester; other times, a particular section may be full, but you can take a different section instead.  You can also elect to be placed on a wait list for a course.  If seats open up, you may be enrolled in a course off the wait list.  Note #1:  There's no guarantee that you'll be enrolled off a wait list, but a good rule of thumb is the 10% rule.  If your position on the wait list is within 10% of the course's enrollment limit, you have a pretty good chance of getting in.  For example, if you are #8 on the wait list for a 100 person class, your chances are good; if, on the other hand, you are #8 for a 20 person class, you should make another selection.  Note #2:  It's a good idea to have a "back-up" class in case you are not enrolled off the wait list.  That's something that you would want to indicate in the Comments field.  Note #3:  Depending on when you register, there are two courses -- Physics 197 and Introduction to Women & Gender Studies -- that may look full but are actually not.  That's because the departments reserve seats in these courses just for freshmen.  You should therefore put yourself on the waitlist for these classes, but be sure to discuss it with your advisor as well.

  • Neither General Chemistry 111A, Chemistry Lab 151, nor College Writing allows students to waitlist; however, they all offer many sections.  Therefore, you will need to choose a section that has seats available.

  • Contact your advisor, letting her/him know that you've completed your worksheet and are ready to discuss your choices.  After that conversation, your advisor will electronically authorize you to register.

  • Go ahead and register (see the video, step four).  After you have done so, check out the "Grid View" link to see what your scheudle looks like.  Also, be sure to review your "Exam Schedule" at the bottom of the page and double-check your final exam times, ensuring that a) you don't have any overlapping exams and b) your exam schedule is sane; e.g., you don't have three exams all on one day.  (Parents often like to know when you are coming home, too!)

  • Contact your advisor again, letting her/him know that you've completed your registration.  Because you might make adjustments to your worksheet during the actual registration process, your advisor may have additional comments or suggestions once enrollment is complete.