Naveen Bisht

Naveen Bisht

Postdoctoral Associate, 2008-2010
• Assistant Professor, National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi, India

Roy Choudhury S, Westfall CS, Laborde JP, Bisht NC, Jez JM, Pandey S (2012) Two chimeric regulator of G-protein signaling (RGS) proteins differentially modulate soybean heterotrimeric G-protein cycle.  J Biol Chem 287, 17870-81

Bisht N, Jez JM, Pandey S (2011) An elaborate heterotrimeric G-protein family from soybean expands the diversity of plant G-protein networks.  New Phytol 190, 35-48

Roy Choudhury S, Bisht NC, Thompson R, Todorov O, Pandey S (2011) Conventional and novel Gg protein families constitute the heterotrimeric G-protein signaling network in soybean.  PLOS One 6, e23361

Guttikonda SK, Trupti J, Bisht NC, Chen H, An YQ, Pandey S, Xu D, Yu O (2010) Whole  genome co-expression analysis of soybean cytochrome P450 genes identifies nodulation-specific P450 monooxygenases.  BMC Plant Biol 10, 243