Distribution of duties and prospects for collaboration

I devote most of my time and attention to the educational development of students who major or minor in African and African American Studies at Washington University. It is truly my honor to promote a mission that advances academic excellence of and by people of African descent in various scholarly fields.

Beyond the African Diaspora, my research is inclusive of a broad range of linguistic groups, particularly in speech communities that are socially stratified.Active projects include research expansion of the American Linguistic Heritage Survey (funded by THE FORD FOUNDATION), and Linguistic Investigation Systems, a private venture with legal foci, including relevance to law enforcement, jury selection, and the impact of linguistic profiling and the law in the United States and elsewhere.

Lectures, consultations, and case-specific research analyses calling for technical linguistic evaluation are possible in collaboration with the vast majority or professions; namely, those where human language usage is integral. Many projects call for the ad-hoc creation of an expert team.

A Public Service Announcement that illustrates Linguistic Profiling [more]
Illustration of Racial Profiling [more]

Recent Projects:

American Linguistic Heritage Survey

Linguistic Profiling: International Orientation

Linguistic Investigation Systems

Educational Applications of Linguistics

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John Baugh, Margaret Bush Wilson Professor
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Assistant: Stephanie Biermann
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African and African-American Studies