Daniel Haeusser

Daniel Haeusser

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Canisius College, Buffalo NY
PhD student 2002-2008

Haeusser, D. P., A. H. Lee, R. B., Weart and P. A. Levin. (2009) ClpX inhibits FtsZ assembly in a manner that does not require its ATP hydrolysis-dependent chaperone activity, J.Bacteriol., 191:1986-1991.

Haeusser, D. P. and  P. A. Levin. (2008) The Great Divide: Coordinating cell cycle events during bacterial growth and division, Current Opinion in Microbiology, 11:94–99.

Haeusser, D. P., A. C. Garza*, A. Buscher, and P. A. Levin. (2007) The division inhibitor EzrA contains a seven-residue patch required for maintaining the dynamic nature of the medial FtsZ ring, J. Bacteriol., 189: 9001-9010. (Cover image)

Weart, R. B., A. H. Lee, A-C Chien, D. P. Haeusser, N. S. Hill and P. A. Levin. (2007) A metabolic sensor governing cell size in bacteria, Cell, 130:335-347. (Cover image)

Haeusser, D.P., R. L. Schwartz, A. M. Smith, M. E. Oates*, and P.A. Levin. (2004) EzrA prevents aberrant cell division by modulating assembly of the cytoskeletal protein FtsZ, Mol. Microbiol. 52:801-814.