August 2019

Are Antibacterial Products with Triclosan Fueling Bacterial Resistance? 


July 2019

'Antibacterial' Chemical in Consumer Products Causes More Harm by Making Bacteria Stronger


April 2019

 Specialist Enzymes Make E. coli Antibiotic Resistant at Low pH


March 2019

Avoiding Triclosan

Germ-Killing Chemical Shields Bacteria From Antibiotics

A sua pasta de dentes pode estar a sabotar os seus antibióticos

Ingredients in Toothpaste, Mouthwash May be Creating Antibiotic Resistant Germs

Dentifrice: le triclosan pourrait rendre inefficace vos antibiotiques

Common Over-the-Counter Ingredient Deactivates Antibiotics 


February 2019

A Common Household Ingredient Might Sabotage Your Antibiotics 

Triclosan, l'antibatterico, presente in molti saponi e dentifrici, che mette KO gli antibiotici

Антисептик из вашей зубной пасты мешает работать антибиотикам

Un Produit Antibactérien Populaire Interférerait avec les Antibiotiques

Our Obsession With Germs is Actually Making Us Sick

Chemical Found in Toothpaste Could Strengthen Bacteria 

Chemical Added to Consumer Products Impairs Response to Antibiotic Treatment


Three faculty members named microbiology fellows


August 2018

Bacteria in a Changing Environment


June 2017

A Little Place for my Stuff: How big bacteria grow depends on how much fat they can make

Die Grenzen des Zellwachstums (The limits of cell growth)


December 2016

Antibacterial Products May Help Bacteria Beat Antibiotics (New Scientist)


January 2015

How Bacteria Control Their Size


August 2014

Zombie bacteria are nothing to be afraid of (Check out the accompanying animation!)


April 2014

Danforth Fellowships in Plant Sciences announced


August 2013

Protein that delays cell division in bacteria may lead to the identification of new antibiotics


July 2007

Researchers discover pathway to cell size, division


Dentifrice : le triclosan pourrait rendre inefficace vos antibiotiques