A senior resident assists a medical student in a laceration repair.


March 27, 2019

Registration for Summer 2019 is OPEN

Registration for the Summer 2019 semester of MedPrep is open. Are you planning on registering for MedPrep I, MedPrep II or both courses for the summer? Regardless of which course(s) you will be taking, you will FIRST need to pre-register through this website. (Note: Pre-registration is only done for the summer semester). This will ensure that the MedPrep coordinator will know who you are while your actual registration through University College is being processed. Immediately AFTER pre-registering, students will formally register through University College. A link to the U College registration page will be provided for you in the confirmation message once you pre-register. Summer tuition rates apply. 

Detailed information regarding summer registration is available under the respective tabs above.