A senior resident assists a medical student in a laceration repair.


June 13, 2018

Why do most WU prehealth students take MedPrep I?

If you are an undergraduate or post-bac premed student and know any Washington University students who are in the process of applying to medical school you've probably learned that most of them have taken MedPrep I. Why? Because MedPrep I is different from any other premed course in that it's the only one that will give you the "big picture" of the entire path to becoming a physician. It answers questions that won’t be found in any other course. In MedPrep I, you will also gain a clear understanding of what medical schools look for in an applicant while dispelling commonly held myths so prevalent in the premed world. And once you complete MedPrep I, you will be eligible for MedPrep II, the shadowing course at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the main teaching hospital of the Washington University School of Medicine. To learn more what students think about the course, click here

April 17, 2018

MedPrep II for Fall 2018 has filled

MedPrep II for Fall 2018 has filled. Students will have 30 days to complete each of the 3 registration steps in order to remain in the course, otherwise they will forfeit their position in the course. Spots will then be given to those on the wait list. Students will be notified by Ms. Gerrity if a waitlisted spot becomes available.