A senior resident assists a medical student in a laceration repair.



February 26, 2017

Summer Registration Begins March 29

Are you planning on registering for MedPrep I, MedPrep II or both courses for the summer? Regardless of which course(s) you will be taking, you will FIRST need to pre-register through this website. This will ensure that the MedPrep coordinator will know who you are while your actual registration through University College is being processed. Immediately AFTER pre-registering, students will formally register through University College. Summer tuition rates apply.

To learn more about summer registration, go to the respective course tab above.

February 1, 2017

Why do most premed students take MedPrep I?

If you are an undergraduate or post-bac premed student and know any Washington University students who are in the process of applying to medical school you've probably learned that most of them have taken MedPrep I. Why? Because MedPrep I is different from any other premed course in that it's the only one that will give you a "big picture" of the entire path to becoming a physician. It answers questions that simply can't be found in any other course. In MedPrep I, you will also gain a clear understanding of what medical schools look for in an applicant while dispelling commonly held myths so prevalent in the premed world. 
To learn more what students think about the course, click here