Registration & Course Information

Summer 2018

Elibigility for MedPrep I - Section 2:

To enroll in this course the student must be graduating from high school in May/June 2018 and planning to start college in the fall. Freshman, sophomores and juniors in high school are not eligible for this course. 

The pre-registration and registration process for Summer 2018 opens on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

Prior to registration for MedPrep I - Section 2, all students must FIRST pre-register through this website by clicking on the "Pre-Register Summer 2018" button to the right (button will appear on the day of registration). This will ensure that the MedPrep coordinator will know who you are while your registration through University College is being processed.

Immediately AFTER pre-registering, students must formally register for the course through University College by clicking here or on the link in the pre-registration confirmation message or email. Both steps must be completed in order to be registered for this course and the pre-registration step must be completed FIRST. 


Please note that University College's registration site is only active on weekdays between 7:30 am - 9:00 pm.

Completion of both of these steps is required before your spot in the course is secure and this pre-registration step must be completed first

Attendance requirements for MedPrep I:
Attendance at all class sessions is required. Excused absences will only be granted for illness or emergency but not for other extracurricular activites or review sessions for other courses. 

Class meets: M-W-F from 3-5 pm
First class: Monday, June 11
Last class: Friday, July 20
Classroom location: TBA
Course credit: 1 credit, pass/fail
Exam schedule: No exams
Class limit: 320 students