Your Guide to Navigating the Pre-Med Process

Intern: A Doctor's Initiation 
Intern is Dr. Sandeep Jauhar's story of his days and nights in residency at a busy hospital in New York City, a trial that led him to question his every assumption about medical care today. Residency―and especially its first year, the internship―is legendary for its brutality, and Jauhar's experience was even more harrowing than most. He switched from physics to medicine in order to follow a more humane calling―only to find that his new profession often had little regard for patients' concerns. He struggled to find a place among squadrons of cocky residents and doctors. He challenged the practices of the internship in The New York Times, attracting the suspicions of the medical bureaucracy. Then, suddenly stricken, he became a patient himself―and came to see that today's high-tech, high-pressure medicine can be a humane science after all.

Doctored: The Disillusionment of an American Physician
In his acclaimed memoir Intern, Sandeep Jauhar chronicled the formative years of his residency at a prestigious New York City hospital. Doctored, his harrowing follow-up, observes the crisis of American medicine through the eyes of an attending cardiologist.
Hoping for the stability he needs to start a family, Jauhar accepts a position at a massive teaching hospital on the outskirts of Queens. With a decade's worth of elite medical training behind him, he is eager to settle down and reap the rewards of countless sleepless nights. Instead, he is confronted with sobering truths. Doctors' morale is low and getting lower. Blatant cronyism determines patient referrals, corporate ties distort medical decisions, and unnecessary tests are routinely performed in order to generate income. Meanwhile, a single patient in Jauhar's hospital might see fifteen specialists in one stay and still fail to receive a full picture of his actual condition. 

The Health Care Handboook
A Clear and Concise Guide to the United States Health Care System
Written by two former students from the Washington University School of Medicine with foreword by Dr. William Peck, former dean of the School of Medicine, this handbook gives one of the clearest explanations of the numerous components that comprise the U.S. health care system. This is the perfect resource for any premedical or medical student who wants to better understand health care delivery systems, insurance and economics and issues related to health care policy and reform - excellent for anyone preparing for a medical school interview or for someone who simply wants a more cogent explanation of this complex topic. 


Washington University PreHealth Website
Contains a comprehensive list of resources regarding pre-professional examinations, test preparation, studying abroad, campus resources and career exploration. For ease of use some of the specific links within this site are contained below. Includes information on the Personal Information Review (PIR).

Getting Into Medical School
Learn the basics about the requirements and a general timeline for getting into medical school. Consult your prehealth advisor to create an individualized schedule that works best for you. For Texas medical schools - Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service, click here. 

Cornerstone - The Center for Advanced Learning
At Cornerstone, undergraduates have access to the support services they need to succeed academically. For the medical school applicant, Cornerstone offers both an MCAT Review Course and unique Personal Statement Workshops.


The Career Center
The Career Center serves as an invaluable resource for everything from finding summer internships and medically related jobs to resume help and interview preparation. Students are advised to take time to explore the Career Center's website to see everything it has to offer. For help assessing your interests and whether medical school, nursing school or other graduate study in the health fields are the right next step, schedule an appointment with a pre-health career advisor by calling (314) 935-5930.

Office of Undergraduate Research
The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Research is to promote and facilitate research by undergraduates. It does so by facilitating undergraduate research by maintaining a knowledge base of available opportunities, by uniting students and mentors, and by assisting with funding. The office promotes undergraduate research by providing forums for presentation of research, by assisting students in making effective presentations, and by informing our community of these activities. Summer research opportunities such as the Summer Undergraduate Research Award (SURA) and the UStar Summer Scholars Program can be found here. 

Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement
Did you know there is a nearly endless number of WU Community Service Groups that involve almost any activity that you can think of? The Community Service Office is a great place to look for activities that will get you involved both locally and throughout the world. Definitely check this site out!

Volunteer Information for Pre-Med Students (2016)
This booklet, provided by University College, gives an exhaustive list of hospitals, hospices & non-profit organizations that students may consider for volunteer opportunites. This resource not only contains information about each organization but also contact information and links to each organization's website. Students interested in volunteer positions should look at this resource well ahead of one's anticipated start date as it can take several months for some organizations to complete their screening and interview process. A long list of non-medical volunteer organizations is also provided on the final two pages.  


Barnes-Jewish Hospital Career Page and Volunteer Page
Barnes-Jewish Hospital has numerous paid, part-time and volunteer positions for students and individuals of varying education and experience levels. This site is an excellent place to look for jobs and opportunities within the medical center. 

St. Louis Children's Hospital Volunteer Page
St. Louis Children's Hospital offers several opportunites for students to volunteer. These include a long-term student volunteer program, a summer student program and volunteer opportunities SLCH sponsored camps. Take a look for more info. 

GAP Year Resources
Thinking about taking a year off after medical school? The GAP year is a great way to broaden your horizons, experience the world, gain more clinical experience or improve your academic credentials. The list is almost endless. This section gives an exhaustive list of resources regarding the gap year divided into categories. 

Commonly Asked Interview Questions and the Mock Medical School Interview
Being prepared for your medical school interview means having a general idea of the types of questions that might be asked. It also means taking the time to do a practice interview so that you'll be comfortable for the real thing. Click on each heading above to learn more.

Medical School Headquarters
This website has the same mission as MedPrep and was started to help focus the vast amount information available to premed students. It includes weekly podcasts covering valuable and interesting topics for the premed student. Information is updated frequently so check back to this site often.

PreMedLife Magazine
This resource is the #1 national premedical magazine and partner magazine of the Medical School Headquarters listed above. This magazine covers a wide variety of topics pertinent to the premedical student including advice on the application and interview process, specialty information, information regarding summer jobs, and insider tips from medical school personnel. The digital version is free and a print version is also available for a subscription fee. 

The Student Doctor Network (SDN)
A non-profit educational community for students and doctors spanning all health professions. This site contains an comprehensive list of resources not just for the pre-med student but for anyone interested in the health professions. The medical section of SDN contains pre-medical forums that include an enormous amount of topics ranging from school-specific discussions to pre-medical FAQs. 

The Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) for Medical School Admissions
The Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) has recently been adopted by several U.S. medical schools as part of the admissions process. This format is very different than a traditional interview. See also, this extensive resource list.

Cornerstone MCAT Prep Course
Because this course is only open to Washington University students, it is specifically designed with the abilities and needs of the WU student in mind.


MCAT Resources
Whichever method you choose to use to study for the MCAT, it is strongly advised that you have a well structured plan. This may include a review course, practice exams, study aids or a combination of all three. 

AAMC Facts Page 
The AAMC FACTS tables comprise the most comprehensive and objective data on U.S. medical school applicants, matriculants, enrollment, graduates, Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) applicants, and MD/PhD students available to the public free of charge. 

Medical School Admission Requirements® (MSAR®) 
This is a must-have resource - often called the "bible of medical school guides" - is the #1 source for medical school applicants. And it's now available online! The MSAR contains information on newly accredited medical schools, application procedures and deadlines, selection factors such as MCAT & GPA data, medical school class profiles, costs and financial aid packages, MD/PhD and other combined degrees, graduates' specialty choices and updated USMLE policies.