"To Do" List for Wash U Students

What tasks should Wash U students complete in the year before applying to medical school?

(1) Create your PIR account by mid-September (check with prehealth advisor for exact deadline) in the PreHealth Letters system. You must complete the required fields in the "Personal Information" section. We will assign prehealth advisors by early October. Not getting a prehealth advisor assigned may create problems later in the year.

(2) Download the Personal Information Review (PIR) questions, and answer them. These questions help you now as you assess your application with your advisor. They will appear later on secondary applications and interviews, so working on them now pays off later, too!

(3) Ask your prehealth advisor questions. Your prehealth advisor wants to help you understand your application process. Your advisor's appointment schedule and walk-in hours can be found on the PreHealth Advising website.

(4) Schedule a formal PIR interview. Your prehealth advisor is happy to answer questions throughout the year. You also need a structured, formal assessment of your application. TWO WEEKS before your formal interview, you must submit all three documents: the PIR questions, a personal statement draft and a resume. When you are assigned your prehealth advisor, you will be emailed instructions for scheduling a formal interview. Email prehealth@artsci.wustl.edu if you need them resent. If your application process requires a cover letter, you MUST complete a PIR in order for us to provide a cover letter. (Medical school application requires a cover letter.

(5) Take the MCAT (unless you're one of the few who have already done this).

(6) Attend January Rejuvenation the Thursday before classes begin in the spring semester if you are applying to medical school. Chock full of programming that will help you submit your best possible application.

(7) Attend a Personal Statement Writing Workshop. Learn what makes a great personal statement.

(8) Request faculty recommendations (two science, one nonscience, for medical school). Enter your recommenders' information on the PIR site. They will send letters to us. We will forward them to the programs you apply to.

(9) Attend Junior Jumpstart in May.

(10) Schedule a mock interview through the Career Center. If you are applying to medical school and are in STL the August after you apply, we encourage you to come to the interviewing portion of Career Camp, aimed specifically at preparing for medical school interviews.

If you have any questions or concerns contact prehealth@artsci.wustl.edu.