January 15, 2015

Lab Member's Research Featured by Mongabay.org

Mrinalini Watsa's work with Field Projects International

Mrinalini watsa founded PrimatesPeru (now called Field Projects International) during her graduate career at Washington University in St. Louis. She continues to manage this nonprofit research and education organisation, spending time at mutliple field sites in Peru and India, teaching three field courses in tropical biology and primatology each year. 

Mongabay.org, an international invironmental news website, recently featured Watsa's work in an interview.

No experience necessary: how studying tamarins led to an innovative research organization in the Amazon

By Andrew Mann
While conducting doctoral research on tamarin reproductive biology in the Peruvian Amazon, Mrinalini Watsa realized she needed help in the field. Rather than hiring seasonal assistance she, along with Gideon Erkenswick, decided to create a life-changing non-profit organization, PrimatesPeru. The new NGO would allow students to conduct field research in one of the most biodiverse, yet threatened, places on Earth. 





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