The Faculty Seminar on "Memory and Violence" fosters cross-disciplinary dialogue about the dynamics of memory in the modern age.  Supported by a grant from the Center for Humanities at Washington University in St. Louis starting in 2015-16, and continuing into 2017, the seminar considers questions of memory and “post-memory” in the context of a focused study of the relationship between violence and memory


The nexus of memory and violence serves as a point of convergence and interaction for scholars of the humanities, social scientists, artists, and legal scholars, among others. Participants and invited guests of the seminar share recent work and works-in-progress; receive sustained feedback from scholars of different disciplinary backgrounds, including some from outside the humanities and social sciences; and explore new work and emerging theories and methods from in the growing cross-disciplinary field of memory studies. The seminar seeks to facilitate the publication and other forms of dissemination of research by WUSTL based faculty and invited guests.

Participants meet three to four times each semester.  Seminar meetings include short presentations and discussions of pre-circulated papers. If you are interested in attending any of the sessions, please RSVP by email to the co-conveners.


Co-conveners for AY 2016/17:

Heidi Kolk, Associate Director, American Culture Studies Program

Monika Weiss, Associate Professor, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts