Seminar Session 4 (12/2): Presentation by Roddy Roediger (Psychology)

December 2, 2016 - 10:00am
Center for Humanities Conference Room, Umrath Hall 201
During this session, Roddy Roediger will share some initial findings from a study he and Jim Wertsch (Anthropology) have undertaken entitled "National Narcissism and Collective Memories of World War II,”  which surveys more than a 100 people in 11 different countries on their “memories” of the war.  None or only a few of the individuals personally experienced the war, so the study focuses on transmitted memory.
In preparation, please read "Past imperfect," Roddy and Jim's recent opinion piece in New Scientist, which discusses the issues of memory at the center of the research, and "Collective Memory: Conceptual foundations and theoretical approaches" (see email for PDF).