Migration, Identity, & State:
Flows and Crises in the Global Era

This interdisciplinary endeavor draws on the research and support of faculty and undergraduate majors in International and Area Studies, faculty and graduate students in the wider Washington University community, invited scholars, and non-resident experts.  Working collaboratively and across a range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, we seek to identify the boundaries, both old and new and within and between states, that shape and define human society in the twenty-first century.  Most significantly, this broadly interdisciplinary project aims to understand the factors that lead people to cross these borders and how this movement affects both them and their new hosts.  Our extensive range of experience in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Russia, and the Caucasus gives our findings a unique and broadly comparative dimension.
Discussions within the cluster resulted in two collaborative research projects, "Immigration Policy and the Lives of Migrants" and "Mapping Migrations and Identity: An Interdisciplinary Resource," that are currently under way and for which we are soliciting internal and external funding.
Based on the "Mapping Migrations and Identity"project and the conference "On the Move: Migration and mobility in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia" (held in April 2013), two book volumes are in preparation.