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Our group’s research program falls under the general areas of synthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry and chemical biology. The pursued research projects include the synthesis and characterization of novel transition metal complexes that can mediate multi-electron redox processes relevant to energy applications and oxidative organic transformations. Targeted reactions include the aerobic oxidative C-C coupling of hydrocarbons catalyzed by high-valent late transition metal complexes, and catalytic oxidative C-H functionalization and C-C/C-heteroatom bond formation reactions using green oxidants. In addition, we are investigating the role of transition metal ions in the aggregation of amyloid β (Aβ) peptides in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and we develop bifunctional metal-binding and metal-containing bifunctional compounds as potential therapeutic and diagnostic agents for AD.










Location: McMillen Labs 504/506/508 
Phone: (314) 935-4991


August 2018: We’re moving! The Mirica Group is moving to the Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign around January 2019. Stay tuned for updates!
July 2018: Dr. Cho received Postdoctoral Funding from McDonnell Center for Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology.
June 2018: Emily received 2018 summer research internship from International Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability.
January 2018: Welcome new graduate student: Alex!
December 2017: Dr. Tang's paper was published in Dalton Trans.
December 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Fuchigami for a successful defense!
November 2017: Dr. Sharma and Dr. Schultz's paper was published in Inorganic Chemistry.
October 2017: Dr. Wessel's paper was published in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry.
August 2017: Welcome new undergrad: Michael
August 2017: Dr. Sharma and Dr. Schultz's paper was published in JACS.
August 2017: Kei's paper was published in Inorganic Chemistry.
May 2017: Welcome new undergrads: Veronica and Alice!
May 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Watson, Dr. Wessel, and Dr. Ruhs for a successful defense!
March 2017: Dr. Mirica received the BK21–KAIST Lectureship Award.
January 2017: Dr. Mirica received the St. Louis Academy of Sciences Innovation Award
January 2017: Dr. Cascella's paper was published in Chem Comm