February 20, 2013

A few foreign direct investment links

Here are a few quick links from the past week or so.

This story documents the decision of Caterpillar (USA) to expand 200 jobs in Belfast while cutting their global (Belfast) workforce.  Caterpillar received a roughly $2 million in incentives from Invest North Ireland to expand their shared services operations while at the same time cutting jobs in Ireland and moving some manufacturing operation to the China.

Oracle is moving operations from Mexico to Oregon.

A couple of articles documenting the case for incentives to facilitate economic growth and how “smart incentives” can be used to lure companies (here and here).

US states are enacting further investment incentive legislation.

Nova Scotia provides Blackberry $10 million to stay put.

The latest FDI Perspectives on Investor-State Disputes

Another expropriation in Bolivia.

The Economist on corporate tax dodging.

Mongolia's resource nationalism.