Replication Data

Below is an incomplete archive of my replication files.  I'm slowly putting them all online.  Note that our system doesn't support R files.  Email if you don't see the data or replication materials you're looking for.

2014. Caddel, Jeremy and Nathan M. Jensen. Which host country government actors are most involved in disputes with foreign investors?  FDI Persectives.

2014.  Jensen, Nathan M., Edmund Malesky, Mariana Medina, Ugur Ozdemir.  Pass the Bucks: Investment Incentives as Political Credit-Claiming Devices. Forthcoming International Studies Quarterly.

2014.  Crespo-Tenorio, Adriana, Nathan M. Jensen, and Guillermo Rosas.  Political Liabilities: Surviving Banking Crises. Forthcoming. Comparative Political Studies 

2013.  Jensen, Nathan M., Edmund Malesky, and Stephen Weymouth.  Binding the Grabbing Hand?  Legislatures and Expropriation Risk in Authoritarian Regimes. British Journal of Political Science.  

2012.  Jensen, Nathan M.  Fiscal Policy and the Firm: Do Low Corporate Tax Rates Attract Multinational Corporations?  Comparative Political Studies. 

2012.  Jensen, Nathan M. and René Lindstädt.  Leaning Right and Learning from the Left: Diffusion of Corporate Tax Policy across Borders.  Comparative Political Studies. 2012 45: 283-311          

2011. Jensen, Nathan M. and Noel P. Johnston. Political Risk, Reputation, and the Resource Curse. Comparative Political Studies 44 (6): 662-668.

2008. Jensen, Nathan M. Political Regimes and Political Risk: Democratic Institutions and Expropriation Risk for Multinational Investors. Journal of Politics 70 (4): 1040-1052.

2008. Jensen, Nathan M. and Daniel J. Young. A Violent Future? Political Risk Insurance Markets and Violence Forecasts. Journal of Conflict Resolution 52 (4): 527-547.

2007. Jong Hee Park and Nathan M. Jensen. Domestic Political Institutions and Agricultural Policy American Journal of Political Science 51 (2): 314-329.

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2007. Jensen, Nathan M. and Guillermo Rosas. Foreign Direct Investment and Income Inequality in Mexico, 1990-2000. International Organization 61: 467-487.

2007. Jensen, Nathan M. Stabilizing Expectations: The Bush Steel Tariffs and U.S. Steel Stocks. Review of International Organizations 2 (2): 261-280.

2007. Dreher, Axel and Nathan M. Jensen. Independent Actor or Agent? An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of US interests on IMF Conditions. The Journal of Law and Economics 50(1): 105-124.

2006. Jensen, Nathan M. Nation-States and the Multinational Corporation: A Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment. Princeton University Press.

This data can also be used to replicate:

  • 2003. Jensen, Nathan M. Democratic Governance and Multinational Corporations: Political Regimes and Inflows of Foreign Direct Investment. International Organization 57 (3): 587-616.

2004. Jensen, Nathan M. Crisis, Conditions, and Capital: The Effects of International Monetary Fund Agreements on Foreign Direct Investment Inflows. Journal of Conflict Resolution 48 (2): 194-210.

2004. Jensen, Nathan M. and Leonard Wantchekon. Resource Wealth and Political Regimes in Africa. Comparative Political Studies 37 (7): 816-841.