Current Research

My research addresses a number of topics in international political economy.  My core research has focused on the relationship between multinational corporations and domestic governments.  I have also published on the politics of natural resources, the political economy of international institutions, the diffusion of policy across borders, business corruption, and civil war.

A few of my current working papers are available below.

Working Papers

Jensen, Nathan M. and Edmund J. Maleksy.  Does the OECD Convention affect bribery? Investment Liberalization and Corruption in Vietnam

Jensen, Nathan M. and Adam H. Rosenzweig.  Can Government’s Tax Footloose Capital?: Measuring the Effects of Globalization on Domestic Taxation

Jensen, Nathan M., Edmund J. Malesky, and Matthew Walsh.  Competing for Global Capital or Local Voters?  The Politics of Business Location Incentives 

Edmund Maleksy, Dimitar Gueorguiev,and Nathan M. Jensen.  Monopoly Money: Foreign Investment and Bribery in Vietnam, a Survey Experiment

Jensen, Nathan M., Rene Lindstaedt.  Globalization with Whom: Context-Dependent Foreign Direct Investment Preferences.

Jensen, Nathan M., Noel P. Johnston, Chia-yi Lee, and Abdulhadi Sahin.  Crisis and Contract Breach: The Domestic and International Determinants of Expropriation

Jensen, Nathan M., Noel P. Johnston, Chia-yi Lee, and Abdulhadi Sahin.  Expropriation, Punishment, and the Democratic Curse.

Jensen, Nathan M and Mi Jeong Shin. (Forthcoming International Interactions)  Globalization and Domestic Trade Policy Preferences: Foreign Frames and and Mass Support for Agriculture Subsidies.

Crespo-Tenorio, Adriana, Nathan M. Jensen, and Guillermo Rosas.  Political Liabilities: Surviving Banking Crises.  Forthcoming Comparative Political Studies

Jensen, Nathan M., Edmund Malesky, Mariana Medina, Ugur Ozdemir.  Pass the Bucks: Investment Incentives as Political Credit-Claiming Devices.  Forthcoming International Studies Quarterly

Jensen, Nathan M., Rene Lindstaedt and Justin Leinaweaver. Policy Diffusion or Insulation? Global Policy Choices and American Public Opinion.

Jensen, Nathan M. Edmund Malesky, and Stephen Weymouth.  Binding the Grabbing Hand?  Legislatures and Expropriation Risk in Authoritarian Regimes. (Forthcoming the British Journal of Political Science)  Online Appendix.