Success by the Numbers

348 women have begun Olin Fellowships
43 are currently continuing their degree programs
288 Olin alumnae have completed at least one degree


85 Olin Fellows have earned 91 master's degrees:

30 Masters of Arts
15 Masters of Fine Arts in Writing
13 Masters of Architecture
9 Masters of Business Administration
6 Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Art
6 Masters of Social Work
5 Masters of Science
2 Masters of Public Health
2 Masters of Urban Design
1 Master of Arts in Education
1 Master of Arts in Teaching
1 Master of Science in Business Administration


203 Olin Fellows have earned 208 doctoral degrees:

104 Doctors of Philosophy
69 Doctors of Medicine
33 Doctors of Law
2 Doctors of Science
These 203 also earned 76 master’s degrees,
60 in their doctoral fields and 16 in other fields