Scott Griffith

Scott Griffith

Lighting Designer for Cruise Ships

My first job was on the oldest ship in the fleet, the Century as an "AV Light Operator."  The intelligent lighting rig consisted of 24 Cyberlights and 30 Colorram scrollers.  Half of the ship's lights did not work when I got on board and the Cyberlights had been neglected, with rampant overheating and ballast power issues.  In addition, a Catalyst Media Server was not talking to two DL 1's so I helped restore that system.  The Production Company saw my work and allowed me to restore their shows which had been on the ship for four years and had been badly overwritten in some sections.

This work was recognized by the office who sent me to one of the newer ships, the Equinox.  The chief challenge there was that the cast kept getting injured and on ships, we do not have understudies.  So my chief duty was to subtly alter the lighting for the production shows so the lighting made sense.  In addition, a repaired DL1 arrived from the office and I restored the projections.  In addition, during my time there, the toplight system of scrollers was replaced with LED Pars.  Two months into my contract, I filled in as a temporary scheduler when the AV Manager went home.  My contract was cut short and I was promoted.

In July of this year, I started my first contract as an "AV Manager."  This position is roughly equivalent to "Technical Director of Entertainment."  My job responsibilities include managing the AV Team, repairing and maintaining equipment, keeping inventories of disposables stocked, and monthly inspections.  In addition, I am the ship's human flying operator, and I inspect and operate the flying hoist while working with a pair of acrobats, of whom I am very fond.

I have worked with the following production companies: Mike Moloney Entertainment, Poet Productions, and Qdos Entertainment aboard the Celebrity Century, the Celebrity Equinox, and the Celebrity Summit, respectively.  Entertainers include: Noel Paul Stookey, Michele Balan, Craig Dahn, Gary Arbuthnot, Bande Artistique, and many others.

I have traveled to Istanbul, Sydney (in Australia and Nova Scotia, Canada), five islands in Hawaii, Hubbard Glacier in Alaska, San Francisco, St. Martin/St. Maarten, Bermuda, Cartagena and Barcelona Spain, Rome, Athens, and several other wonderful places.  My favorite place, so far, is Portland, Maine.