PEMRAP Preliminary Registration

We are looking forward to another exciting semester and welcome you to join us.

By completing the PEMRAP - Bio 2652 registration form (see menu) you are expressing interest in participating in PEMRAP. Once the form is submitted, follow the instructions on the following page to be directed to the preliminary registration materials in Box. The materials are divided into two packets. Please review the contents of both packets before you begin. It is important that you follow all directions carefully. Students who have completed all of the requirements by the specified deadlines will be registered in the Program prior to the start of the semester. Please note, participation with PEMRAP requires a significant time commitment of two, 4-hour shifts in the SLCH emergency room, and one 2-hour class session each week. 

The PEMRAP Registration form will become available for Fall in April, 2019

*Note -  submission of this form serves only to notify the PEMRAP Coordinator of your interest in the Program.  This form in no way secures you a seat in the class.  Full registration in the course is managed by the Program once all requirements have been met. It is not possible to register through WEBSTAC

Step 1. Click the Registration link (see right side menu), complete and submit

Step 2. Click Box link to access packet folders.

Step 3. Submit all materials as directed.   

You may direct packet related questions to the PEMRAP Coordinator via email:

Click the following link to access Packets 2 & 3 in Box: