Student Responsibilities

Course Requirements/Prerequisites:
All students are required to complete the following Medical School campus requirements: Epic training (6-hours in-person and 2-3 computer modules), HIPAA, EHS and CITI training, single-step TB testing, flu vaccination (Oct – Mar), background check, drug screen, and non-appointee packet forms, prior to the start of the semester. Once all forms, certificates and test results are received, students will be notified of registration eligibility and subsequently enrolled in the course.  Attendance at all Tuesday lectures is required. 

Any student who misses a lecture must be excused by the PEMRAP Coordinator or Course Master prior to the start of the lecture.  No more than two excused absences from lectures will be allowed for the semester. An unexcused absence may result in a failing grade for the course.

Two Emergency Department Shifts per Week

Students must work two shifts in the SLCH Emergency Department each week for the entire semester. Each shift will be four (4) hours long. Students will sign up for their shifts via the PEMRAP Scheduler. Attendance at scheduled shifts is required. Any student who will miss a shift due to illness or injury should notify the Program Coordinator at Unexcused absences may result in a failing grade for the course.

Optional Shadowing Shifts

Shadowing shifts are available Monday through Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday days. Students MUST sign up in advance with the PEMRAP Coordinator for these shifts. Shifts are two hours in length. Upon arrival for a shadowing shift, students should report to the attending physician who will assign the student to shadow a resident, hospitalist, fellow or nurse practitioner.

Required Presentation at the End of the Semester

An oral presentation will take the place of an exam at the end of the semester. Students will work on presentations with a fellow PEMRAP student as a team. Topics for presentation should be a medical subject of interest in pediatrics. The last lecture dates of the semester are reserved for student presentations. PowerPoint presentations with audience handouts are the standard.

Shift Swapping

Students may swap shifts with one another without permission of the Coordinator.