Working Papers

"Taxing Capital is Not a Bad Idea Indeed: The Role of Human Capital and Labor-Market Frictions," (with B. Chen and H. Chen), April 2013.

"The Original of Hong Kong Colony: The Role of Trade and Institutional Designs," (with T. Palivos and C. Yip), June 2011.

"Housing Dynamics: Theory Behind Empirics," (with D. Xie), March 2011.

"Shopping Vouchers and Consumption Behavior," (with K. Kan and S. Peng), January 2011.

"The Dynamic Process of Economic Takeoff and Industrial Transformation," (with M. Chang and D. Xie), January 2011.

"The Organization of Production and Trade," (with C. Lu and S. Peng), March 2011.

"A Quantitative Study of Optimal Drug Policy in Low-Income Neighborhoods," (with S. Chang and N. Edward Coulson), October 2009.

"Locational Stratification by Environment," (with B. Chen and C. Huang), Journal of Public Economic Theory (forthcoming).

"A Bargaining Model of Local Growth and the Environment," (with C. Chang, and C. Huang), August 2006.

"Money, Technology Choice and Pattern of Exchanges in Search Equilibrium," (with J. Zhang and H. Wu), January 2007.

"Rational Addiction, Peer Externalities and Long Run Effects of Public Policy," (with Donald S. Kenkel and Robert R. Reed III), October 2002.

"Trade, Urbanization and Capital Accumulation in Labor Surplus Economy," (with E. Bond and R. Riezman), September 2010.

"Venture Capitalism," (with C. Lu), August 2010.


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