Laboratory Research Rotation Requirements

After entering the program, each student arranges research rotations in at least three laboratories to help identify a thesis lab.  The purpose of the rotations is to broaden the intellectual and technical experience of the student and to expose the student to available opportunities before a thesis mentor and research area are selected.   It should be recognized by both the student and rotation mentor that the objective of the research rotation is to find a research home, and not to complete a significiant amount of work.  

Each lab rotation should last 6 weeks, to facilitate completion of three rotations by the end of the Spring semester.  The rotation should not be prolonged beyond the normal 6 week period to meet particular research objectives.   Students should begin their first rotation by September 1 of their first year, and move on to their second and third rotations by Oct 15 and Jan 3, respectively.   This will allow time for a fourth rotation in the second half of the Spring semester, if necessary.   Students may choose to end a rotation after 3 weeks, should they find it desirable to move on to the next rotation.   At least one rotation must be conducted on the Washington University campus with a mentor whose primary affiliation is with the PMB Program.  Students are expected to affiliate with a laboratory by May 1 of their first academic year.