You will earn a total of 6 WU credits. The two classes, including excursions, will constitute 40 contact hours.

Politics and Religion in Contemporary Societies: L48 3155, TH
Politics, Religion, and Art in Antiquity: Representations in Paris: L48 3352, LA

* The two courses form an ArtSci cluster (CL5501)
Dr. Freidel's class touring different museums in Paris is one of the most interesting classes that I've taken.  I still keep the journal and look at it often."

- Damari Croswell
  2014 Program Participant

My experience with the WUSTL Anthropology summer program Pluralism, Politics, and Religion in Paris is easily a highlight of my college experience. It provided me with an excellent opportunity to study abroad and explore a new city for a summer, and I was able to improve my French skills while still taking courses in English towards my major and my graduation requirements. Professor Freidel teaches extensively in the Louvre and in the museums of Paris, and his course is an opportunity to study religion and representation in art from an expert. I still have the journal I wrote for his class, and it's a wonderful record of my experience. Professor Bowen similarly used Paris as a classroom for his course, and I enjoyed the chance to explore the diverse neighborhoods of the city while learning about religion, secularism in France, and immigration-- all extremely relevant, current issues for France and Europe more broadly. I loved it!"

-Lily Jacobi
 2012 Program Participant