Feburary 2020

Scientific American recently highlighted Chu's research on using light as chemical reagent to transform inorganic nanostructures.


WashU's "the Source" recently highlighted Meikun's research on imaging the structural features that make photocatalysts active when making solar fuels.


January 2020

Meikun's manuscript on imaging photocatalytic reactions in single tungsten oxide nanowires and Dong's manuscript on anion exchange in single CsPbCl3 nanocrystals have just been published in ACS Catalysis and the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters!


September 2019

Chu's manuscript on light-driven transformations in copper oxide has been accepted for publication in Chemistry of Materials!


July 2019

Brandon Campbell, undergraduate researcher in the Sadtler group, has been selected as a MARC U-STAR scholar!


March 2019

Bo Yin’s paper has been named a Hot Article in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C!!divAbstract


January 2019

Welcome new lab member Jiang Luo to the Sadtler group!

Bo Yin has successfully defended his thesis for a PhD in Materials Science & Engineering!

March 2018

Dr. Sadtler win a NSF CAREER award!


June 2017

Sadtler has been named an "Emerging Investigator 2017" by the Journal of Materials Chemistry C"

March 2017

Our review article on the light-directed growth of nanostructures has been published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C!!divAbstract

Summer high school student, Aditya Gokhale, was selected as a finalist at the Academy of Science St. Louis Science Fair!

Bo's paper on the defect chemistry of ternary silver halide nanocrystals was published in Chemistry of Materials!