Images of the Microball

Figure 1.1: Schematic Diagram

A high-res copy (1080x1000) of this image is available.

Schematic diagram showing a vertical section of the Microball. The number of detectors for each ring are given with bold type. The polar angle theta and the half angle are also given. The detectors are shown in black facing the target, the light guides are shown as blue trapezoids, the diodes are shown in green, and the supporting Delrin rings in shaded red. The detectors are shown attached to the rings via the gold-plated pins (red lines) of the photodiodes.

Figure 1.2: Microball in Gammasphere at LBNL

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An overview of one hemisphere of the Gammasphere with the Microball in place.

Figure 1.3: The Microball - Real close

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Close-up photograph of the Microball installed in Gammasphere. The Microball detectors are supported by thin Delrin rings which are held by aluminum legs. The supporting structure allowing 9 degrees of freedom (rotations and translations) is used to align the device to the chamber and the beam axis. The detectors are held by rectangular blocks that hold the two leads of the photodiode. The signal cables are thin shielded coaxial cables (75 Ohm) with Teflon insulation and connect the diodes to their preamplifiers located outside the vacuum. Ring 6 is located at exactly 90o and it has an opening to allow the target rod to be inserted in position.

Figure 1.4: Another Close-up of the Microball

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