Recent Microball Parameters

Parameters for experiments GS-61, GS-62, GS-63, GS-64, and GS-65

Parameters for experiments GS-87, GS-88, GS-89, GS-90, GS-91, GS-92, GS-93, GS-94, GS-95 or MB-21, MB-22, MB-23, MB-24, MB-25, MB-26, MB-27, MB-28, and MB-29.

Parameters for experiments GS-108, GS-109, GS-110, GS-111 and GS-112, or MB-30, MB-32, MB-32, MB-33, MB-34, and MB-35.

Parameters for experiments GSFMA-6A, GSFMA-6B, GSFMA-7, GSFMA-8,  GSFMA-9, or MB-36, MB-37, MB-38, MB-39, and MB-40.

Parameters for experiments GSFMA-19 to GSFMA-22 or MB-41 to MB-44.

The Microball energy calibration for the experiments MB-36 through MB-40 are listed here: Microball calibration from MB-38.

The parameters for experiments MB-41 through MB-44 (or GSFMA-19 through GSFMA-22) are the same as those for MB-36 through MB-40 listed above.

The alpha-particle energy calibration for the remaining experiments can be obtained from the file: Microball alpha calibrations for experiments M-41 through M-44 and beyond. From now on only the proton energy calibration from 12 MeV protons on 12C will be needed.  These were done in MB-42 and analyzed. The slopes and intercepts are given in the file here:  MB-42-proton-cal-coeff.dat. Get the proton energy in MeV (from channel no. 2048 channels, no compression) and then plug it in the formula above for the alpha energy.

Parameters for experiments GSFMA-39 to GSFMA-41 or MB-45 to MB-47. The calibrations for this group of experiments has been done. Here is the proton coefficients file.

Parameters for experiments MB-49 to MB-52.

For important information about the calibration and analysis of this last group of experiments click here: Latest Experiments and Calibrations

The configuration file for the experments started on October 28, 2001 are listed here as MBALL_A_10_14_01.txt

You will find here a set of Range-energy files for the Microball absorbers as well as for a few target metals. The proton and alpha ranges are listed in sequence in each file. These were calculated from the Ziegler code TRIM 95 and converted to MeV vs. mg/cm2 by D.G.S.

Ranges of Protons and Alphas in Aluminum

Ranges of Protons and Alphas in Lead

Ranges of Protons and Alphas in Tin

Ranges of Protons and Alphas in Tin-Lead

Ranges of Protons and Alphas in Tantalum

Ranges of Protons and Alphas in Nickel Targets

Ranges of Protons and Alphas in Molybdenum Targets

Ranges of Protons and Alphas in Silicon

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