Research & Publications

My research is focuon environmental anthropology, political ecology, food studies, and science & technology studies.  In particular I study the social and political aspects of agricultural systems; agricultural sustainability; intensification and industrialization; indigenous knowledge; responses to population increase; agricultural biotechnology; and alternative food/farming systems.  I have worked on past and contemporary nonindustrialized farmers in West Africa, India, the Philippines, and North America.  Major funding for my research has come from the National Science Foundation, the Templeton Foundation, and the Wenner-Gren Foundation; writing fellowships have come from the School of Advanced Research, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Simon Guggenheim Foundation.

One focus of my present research is on the genetically modified crops in developing countries. After working in a laboratory specializing in transformation of tropical crops, and completing a multi-year, multi-village field study of Andhra Pradesh farmers as GM cotton was being adopted, I am conducting a project on indigenous knowledge and technology change among rice and cotton farmers in India and the Philippines (including “Golden Rice”).  A second research focus is on the new small farm movement in North America, including the economic and ecological aspects of sustainability and historical perspectives on small farmers in Appalachia.  A third project is a book on Malthus and agricultural industrialization. A fourth is a collaborative study of CRISPR policy in four countries. A fifth is on impacts of "Big Data" digital agricultural technologies on decision-making.

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WINNER: Gordon Willey Prize for best archaeology paper, American Anthropologist 1998-2000.


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NAMED AS: Outstanding Publication on Africa, Choice, Feb1999.


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