Talks & Interviews

Recent Talks / Interviews:


  • Wageningen Univ., Netherlands ("Surveillance Agriculture and Peasant Autonomy")
  • Colorado State Univ. ("Agriculture and Technology Fetishism in the 21st Century")
  • Washington Project for the Arts, Washington DC ("GMOs:history, perspectives, ethics")
  • Agricultural History Society ("Hollow Economies? Pre‐Expulsion Agriculture in Corbin Hollow", with R. Robinson)
  • Ohio State Univ. ("Tryptophan, Peasant Economies, and Eugenics in Depression-Era Blue Ridge Mountains")


  • Sci tech Asia, podcast interview on anthropology and GMO's
  • Washington & Lee Univ. ("GMO's for the Third World?")
  • Medium magazine, interview on future of food
  • NPR, GMO Food Labels interview
  • Southern Forum, Knoxville ("Knowing Our Age: Precarity, Pellagra, and Eugenics in Corbin Hollow", with R. Robinson)
  • Virginia Forum, Emory & Henry College ("Charity, Precarity, and Pellagra:Eugenics Comes to Corbin Hollow", with R. Robinson)
  • Dimensions of Political Ecology, Lexington ("On the Origin Myth of Agricultural Innovation")
  • Video interview: Golden Rice, Heirloom Rice, and the Green Revolution


  • Washington Post, CRISPR interview
  • Graduate Assn for Food Studies Conference, Distinguished Faculty Roundtable
  •, GMO superfood potatoes interview
  • N Carolina State Univ, GMO pioneers interview
  • Heidelberg Univ., Agriculture as Performance symposium ("Agriculture as Spectacle")
  • Critical Agrarian Studies meeting, Basque Country ("End of the Ox: Undermining Indigenous. Agricultural Knowledge in India," with A. Flachs)
  • N Carolina State Univ, Genetic Engineering & Society colloquium ("Counterclaims and Counterfactuals")
  • N Carolina State Univ, public talk ("The Wisdom of the Farmer? Insights on a 16-Year Study of GM Cotton in India")
  • AAA, Washington DC


  • University of Virginia, Environmental Humanities Colloquium ("Green Revolution, GMO's, and Heirloom Seeds: Warring Visions of Rice")
  • University of Virginia, STS program ("Fixing the World by Fixing Crops (?)")
  • Frankfurt, Germany (Agrodiversity Forum)
  • Greenbrier Valley Pasture Network ("Sustainable Africa, Asia, West Virginia")
  • Mother Jones, WTF Happened to Golden Rice interview
  • NOVA, Editing Out Pesticides interview
  • Secret Ingredient podcast interview on Golden Rice
  • Morley Science Medal speech, Western Reserve Academy
  • AAA, Minneapolis



  • National Academy of Sciences presentation
  • University of Cork
  • UNC - Charlotte
  • IUAES World Congress, Tokyo
  • AAA, Washington DC


  • Wageningen Univ.
  • Nature, A Hard Look at GM Crops interview
  • "Cultivating Futures" conference, Heidelberg, keynote address
  • Univ. of Missouri
  • Dartmouth College
  • Indiana Univeristy (Sawyer Food Seminar)
  • Indiana Univeristy (Dhar India Studies Ctr)
  • Lynchburg College
  • AAA, Chicago


  • Voice of America interview
  • Yale SE Asia Program
  • Dalhousie University
  • Northwestern U. Human Rights Conference
  • Al Jazeera TV interview
  • AAA, San Francisco


  • Down To Earth interview
  • School of Advanced Research, Univ. of Minnesota
  • Max Planck Institute, Germany
  • Yale Biotechnology Program
  • AAA, Montreal


  • NPR Science Friday w/ Ira Flatow
  • AAA, New Orleans