Elizabeth Frick

Elizabeth Frick

Graduate Student, Plant Biology Program
NIFA-AFRI Graduate Research Fellow
Catherine M. Lineman Scholar

BS. Biology with Honors  Minor:  History, Allegheny College

Doctoral student, Plant Biology Graduate Program, Washington University in St Louis

Honorable Mention for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2013

Saint Louis Science Center, Life Science Lab Volunteer, 2012-present
Science on Tap, Student Coordinator, 2013-present
Young Scientist Program, Experiment Design, 2012-2013

Frick, EM and LC Strader (2018)  They can handle the stress: MPK17 and PMD1 act in a salt-specific pathway. Plant Signaling and Behavior13:340-351. 

Frick, EM and LC Strader (2018)  Kinase MPK17 and the peroxisome division factor PMD1 influence salt-induced peroxisome proliferation.  Plant Physiology, 176:340-351.  

Enders, TA, EM Frick, and LC Strader (2017)  An Arabidopsis kinase cascade influences auxin-responsive cell expansion.  Plant Journal 94:68-81.

Michniewicz, M, EM Frick, and LC Strader (2015)  A Gateway-compatible tissue-specific set of plant expression vectors.  BMC-Research Notes, 8:63.

KM Veley, G Maksaev, SM Kloepper, EM Frick, E January and ES Haswell. (2014)  MSL10 has a Regulated Cell Death Signaling Activity that is Separable from its Mechanosensitive Ion Channel Activity. Plant Cell 26:3116-3131.