Tara Enders

Tara Enders

Graduate Student, Plant Biology Program
NSF Graduate Research Fellow

BS, Biological Sciences, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
2007-2011, summa cum laude

Doctoral candidate, Plant Biology Graduate Program, Washington University in St Louis

NSF Graduate Research Fellow, 2013
Honorable Mention for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, 2012
Biological Sciences Senior Award,  2011
Donal G. Myer Award for the Outstanding Student in Sciences and Mathematics, 2011
Michael R. Levy Memorial Award in Molecular Biology, 2010

Enders, TA, S Oh, ZB Yang, B Montgomery, and LC Strader (2015)  Genome sequencing of Arabidopsis abp1-5 reveals second-site mutations that may affect phenotypes. The Plant Cell 27:1820-1826.

Enders, TA and LC Strader (2015)  Auxin: Past, present, and future.  American Journal of Botany 102:180-196.

Korasick DA, TA Enders and LC Strader (2013) Auxin Biosynthesis and Storage Forms. Journal of Experimental Botany, 64: 2541-2555.

Rinaldi, MA, J Liu, TA Enders, B Bartel, and LC Strader (2012) A gain-of-function mutation in IAA16 confers reduced responses to auxin and abscisic acid and impedes plant growth and fertility.  Plant Molecular Biology, 79:359-373.

Esselman, E, TA Enders, M Smith, and P McKenzie (2012) Examination of hybridization relationships between Schoenoplectus hallii and S. saximontanus (Cyperaceae) using ISSR markers.  Phytoneuron, 36:1-9.