Bio 4181 Population Genetics - Fall - Queller

Course Description:

An introduction to the basic principles of population and ecological genetics. Mechanisms of microevolutionary processes; integrated ecological and genetic approach to study the adaptive nature of the evolutionary process. Prerequisite: Bio 2970.

Bio 472 Behavioral Ecology - Fall - Strassmann

Course Description:

This course examines animal behavior from an evolutionary perspective and explores the relationships between animal behavior, ecology, and evolution. Topics include mating systems, sexual selection, parental care, kin selection, and cooperation. There is a strong active - learning component. Prerequisite: Bio 2970. Enrollment is by permission only from Joan Strassmann

Bio 4935 Undergraduate Research Perspectives - Fall/Spring

Strassman and Queller

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is for undergraduates to acquire a broad perspective on their hands-on research. What are your big questions? How will you communicate your discoveries? How do your results fit with what has gone before? Each semester will have a focus, which might be science communication, statistics, or critical reading, for example. Required activities may include weekly writing, participation in the undergraduate poster session, research, presentations, and attendance. Enrollment is by permission only from Joan Strassmann. This course is required for undergraduates conducting research in the Queller/Strassmann laboratories and is open to other students involved in research. Credit 1 - 3 units. Joan Strassmann, David Queller, and selected postdoctoral fellows


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