Kelly Diggs-Andrews

Ph.D. in Biology & Biomedical Sciences - Molecular Cell Biology
Degree Conferred: 2010

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Current Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
Position: Postdoctoral Research, Gutmann Research Laboratory, Neruofibromatosis Center

Keona Ervin

Ph.D. in History
Degree Conferred: 2009

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Current Institution: University of Missouri-Columbia
Position: Assistant Professor of African-American History

Emmanuel Harris, II

Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages & Literatures
Degree Conferred: 1998

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana
Current Institution: University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Position: Associate Professor of Spanish

Gerald B. Downes

Ph.D. in Neurosciences
Degree Conferred: 1999

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Current Institution: University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Position: Associate Professor

Nicquet M.J. Blake

Ph.D. in Neurosciences
Degree Conferred: 2001

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Current Institution: University of Texas Health Sciences Center
Position: Assistant Dean

Reynold Bailey

Ph.D. in Computer Science
Degree Conferred: 2007

Hometown: St. Vincent, West Indies
Current Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology
Position: Associate Professor of Computer Science

Frances Henderson

Ph.D. in Political Science
Degree Conferred: 2007

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Current Institution: Maryville College
Position: Associate Professor of Political Science

Damien Fair

Ph.D. in Biology & Biomedical Sciences - Neurosciences
Degree Conferred: 2008

Hometown: Miami, Florida
Current Institution: Oregon Health and Science University

D. Lisa Cothran

Ph.D. in Psychology
Degree Conferred: 2005

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Current Institution: Alabama State University
Position: Associate Professor

Maurice Gattis

Ph.D. in Social Work
Degree Conferred: 2010

Hometown: Daytona Beach, Florida
Current Institution: University of Louisville
Position: Assistant Professor of Social Work