Damien Fair

Ph.D. in Biology & Biomedical Sciences - Neurosciences
Degree Conferred: 2008

Hometown: Miami, Florida
Current Institution: Oregon Health and Science University

D. Lisa Cothran

Ph.D. in Psychology
Degree Conferred: 2005

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Current Institution: Alabama State University
Position: Associate Professor

Maurice Gattis

Ph.D. in Social Work
Degree Conferred: 2010

Hometown: Daytona Beach, Florida
Current Institution: University of Louisville
Position: Assistant Professor of Social Work

Shawn Davis

Ph.D. in Business Administration
Degree Conferred: 2002

Current Institution: Emory University
Position: Visiting Assistant Professor of Accounting

Karmella Haynes

Ph.D. in Biology & Biomedical Sciences - Molecular Genetics
Degree Conferred: 2006

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Current Institution: Arizona State University
Position: Assistant Professor

Alexandra Cornelius-Diallo

Ph.D. in History
Degree Conferred: 2006

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Current Institution: Florida International University
Position: Assistant Professor

Kimberly Davis

Ph.D. in Psychology
Degree Conferred: 2000

Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Current Institution: Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center
Position: Research Assistant Professor of Oncology and Psychology

Aaron Coleman

M.F.A. in Writing
Degree Conferred: 2015

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Current Institution: Washington University in St. Louis
Position: Third Year Fellow - Poetry

Peter Cabrera-Nguyen

Ph.D. in Social Work
Degree Conferred: 2014
Hometown: Valdosta, Georgia
Current Institution: Washington Univers

Britney Johnson

Degree Conferred: 2018

Hometown: Conway, Arkansas

Ph.D: Washington University in St. Louis
(Biology and Biomedical Sciences)