Salina Greene

Costume Designer

Salina is originally from Newark, Delaware and earned her B.A. in Drama from Washington University in St. Louis. During her time at WashU, she honed her costume design skills in the PAD costume shop.

Ronald Watson

Ph.D. Political Theory, 2013

Ron defended his dissertation on the ethics of spying in 2013 and accepted a job at the Tobin Project in Boston, MA in the Summer of 2014.

Cristian Pérez Muñoz

Ph.D. Political Theory, 2014

After defending his dissertation on motivational strategies and distributive justice in the Summer of 2014, Cristian will begin on the tenure track at The Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in the Fall or 2014.

Laura E. Desch

Laura E. Desch is a Junior planning on graduation with a double major in Fashion and Costume design with a minor in music.

Lan Zhang

Former Graduate Student

Lan gruduated with her doctorate in 2018. Her dissertation was on children's knowledge of digram frequency and graphotactic awareness as prephonological spellers. She is currently living in Toronto, Canada.

Alex Francisci

Alex is an electrical engineering and computer science double major and drama minor with a strong interest in lighting design and technical theater.  He has been lighting performances since 2006 including the PAD performance of The Ni

Scott Griffith

Lighting Designer for Cruise Ships

My first job was on the oldest ship in the fleet, the Century as an "AV Light Operator."  The intelligent lighting rig consisted of 24 Cyberlights and 30 Colorram scrollers.  Half of the ship's lights did not work when I got on board and the Cyber

David Bina

Faculty of Science; Branisovska, Czech Republic

Jianzhong Wen

Postdoctoral Researcher, UCSD

Dr. Wen was a Ph.D. student in the Blankenship lab at Washington University before completing his degree and accepting a postdoctoral position at the University of California- San Diego. He worked on PARC research from 2009 - 2010.