Kristina M. Decker

Former Research Assistant

Kristina is now pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Memphis.

Michelle Lindblom

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Michelle graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012. She currently works in quality assurance at Epic. 

Dina Ghosh

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Dina graduated from Washinton University in 2014. She graduated from NYU medical school in 2018.

Shoko Otake

Former Graduate Student

Shoko Otake received a BA from Washington University in 2011 and an MA in 2013.

Dr. Sarah Robins

Former Graduate Student (PNP)

Dr. Robins graduated from Washington University in 2012 and is an assistant professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Kansas.

Nicole Rosales

Former Research Assistant

Nicole graduated from the University of Missouri- St. Louis in 2009. 

Brittni Jones

Inducted in 2015

Brittni D. Jones is a Chancellor’s Graduate Fellow and Danforth Scholar at Washington University in St. Louis.