Juliette Iacovino

Psychological and Brain Sciences
Inducted in 2014

Juliette M. Iacovino is a Ph.D. student in Clinical Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. She is a Chancellor’s Graduate Fellow and the most recent recipient of the Mary McLeod Bethune Award for Graduate Student Leadership.

Brittni Jones

Inducted in 2015

Brittni D. Jones is a Chancellor’s Graduate Fellow and Danforth Scholar at Washington University in St. Louis.

Joshua Marshack

Inducted in 2014

Joshua L. Marshack is a Ph.D. candidate and Chancellor’s Graduate Fellow in the Department of Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, where he also received his bachelor’s degree as a John B. Ervin Scholar.  Mr.

Matheus Victor

Inducted in 2015

Matheus B. Victor is a National Science Foundation Fellow and a Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis.

Jing Jiang

Research Scientist; Givaudan; Cincinnati, OH

John Bookstaver

PhD 1986


Dean, Division of Business, Science, Education, Math, and Computer Science at St. Charles Community College


Robert Landis

Robert Landis is a senior from The Woodlands, TX studying drama and human resources.

Julia Xie

Former Undergraduate Research Assistant

Julia graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 2017.

Seira Furukawa

After graduating from WashU with a BSBA in Economics & Strategy and Operations & Supply Chain Management with a minor in Drama, Seira has moved back to her home country of Japan to pursue a career in pharmaceutical consulting.