Current Members

Tiandi Wu

B.S. in Chemistry: Zhejiang University

Anjana Rajan

Undergraduate 2016-

My thesis was titled "The Role of the Ribosomal RNA in Translation Quality Control in Saccharomyces cerevisiae."

In my free time, I enjoy dancing, watching ice hockey, and eating good food.

Kim Kyusik

Graduate Student
Molecular Cell Biology program 2017-

I am working on cap-independent translation. 

I am an amazing chef for korean cuisine. My specilty is korean BBQ. 

Alison Greenlaw

Undergraduate 2016-

My senior thesis is titled "Tranlation of master regulator GCN4 is resistant to eIF4E medited inhibition of cap recognition in Saccaromyces cerevisiae". 

Bhagyashri Burgute

Postdoc 2018-

I am working on co-translational protein folding. 

I love badminton, swimming and yoga.

Lindsay Hauptman

Research Assistant
Lindsay is a sophomore pursuing a major in Psychological & Brain Sciences, as well as a minor in Spanish.

Zoe Baxter

Research Assistant
Zoe is a sophomore pursuing a major