Current Members

Josh Jackson

Associate Professor

Dr. Jackson studies the development and assessment of personality. His current research involves three overlapping questions: 1. How do life experiences impact and ultimately change one's personality? 2.

Lucia Strader

Associate Professor
Department of Biology
NSF Center for Engineering Mechanobiology

Washington State University, Pullman, WA
PhD, Molecular Plant Sciences, 2004
Thesis Mentor: Camille Steber

Xinzhou Chen

I am interested in the spatial landscape organization of prehistoric Tibetan pastoralists, focusing on the ecological and political logic of pastoral strategies through time.
I currently work on a survey project, including

Wei Wang

Visiting Graduate Student

I am an exchanging visitor from the Lanzhou University of China, and my research mainly focuses on diet component of human and animals spanning from Late Bronze Age to historic periods in Xinjiang Tianshan Mountain region, NW China based on the st

Yufeng Sun


I am interested in early agriculture and the different contemporary agricultural approaches practiced in different landscapes of China and neighboring regions.

Yi-Ling Lin


I am interested in the environmental consequences of bronze production during the Shang periods in Any

Yu Zhu

Posdoctoral Research Fellow

PhD:  University of Florida